Our Company deals with development, manufacturing, implementation, supply  and servicing of sampling, sample preparation and analytic equipment. Our equipment is used for coal, ore and other products quality control. We create engineering solutions for every definite customer considering his technical requirements. Among our customers there iron and steel enterprises, power stations, mines, preparation plants and inspection companies.

Our specialists assist with modernization and technical reequipment of laboratories. We have a vast experience in organizing laboratories at any region supplying any sort of laboratory equipment. UIK develops and implements software for collecting and processing results obtained from analytic and measuring equipment, provide warranty and after sales service and customer support, commissioning and maintenance of equipment of either own production of made by other manufacturers.

We design and produce:

- systems of automatic and mechanical sampling and sample preparation,

- equipment for manual sampling and sample preparation,

- crushing equipment,

- measuring equipment.


Coal Engineering Company represents a number of foreign manufacturers of sampling and analytical equipment, such as:

- Johnson Industry Inc.

- Kaiyuan Instruments Co. (China) – laboratory equipment;

- Indutech GmbH (Germany) - automatic on-line and at-line coal quality analysers;


The main principal of our company is an individual approach to each customer, responsibility in meeting our customers' obligations, pursuit of long-lasting partnership relations.